Peak of COVID-19 Infections in Costa Rica Came a Month Early

Costa Rica reached the maximum peak of infections this week, a month before the worst projected scenario, according to the demographer of the Central American Population Center of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), Luis Rosero.

According to Rosero, three scenarios were handled: one serious, which was that the peak was reached at the end of June, another neutral, at the beginning of June, and the optimistic one, which is the one that is taking place. However, if the restrictions are violated, all this can be spoiled, said the expert.

“We are with good trends, with good signs, which will improve even more, now that stronger measures have been applied, but all this can be spoiled,” Rosero said this past week.

Precaution is needed

Returning to meetings, crowds and not wearing the mask correctly in a hurry could make everything stay the same or get worse, he explained. “Until we are below 500 daily cases we can not think again about doing certain types of events where people gather, above those figures it is absolutely reckless,” he said.

For Rosero, one must consider what happened in September of the previous year, that even after the maximum peak of infections, it remained high for several months.

Regarding the high number of people who are hospitalized in a serious state, he considers that this number should begin to decrease in the next few days, this because these high figures are due to infections in the previous weeks, so it should start to see a rapid decline.

Concerted effort

Rosero explained that, if the situation is to improve considerably, it is essential that during the next two months any type of agglomeration in churches, political parties, football matches, in bars at parties, etc. is avoided. “We have to learn from last year’s experience, and make an effort in the next two months to flatten the curve,” he emphasized.

Regarding the acceleration of vaccination, the demographer indicated that this will be a key factor in reducing infections in the coming weeks and months. So by January of next year, a completely different picture could be had, although he acknowledged that he hopes that this vaccination process will accelerate even more.

Regarding people who are already immunized, he recalled that, according to the data, the vaccinated person has low chances of becoming infected and if he is infected, almost zero chance that this contagion ends him/her in a hospital or death.

Even so, he recommends that these people continue to comply with the protocols and the use of the mask. This is because still vaccinated, you could transmit the virus to someone who is not. In addition to the importance of setting a good example in compliance with the protocols.

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