PLN chief urges law to speed up cleaning of river beds

The head of the PLN, María José Corrales, urged to move forward with the bill. (File / CRH).

( -The head of the parliamentary fraction of the National Liberation Party (PLN), Maria Jose Corrales, he urged the legislative Assembly move forward with a bill that would allow streamlining cleaning services in channels, river dredging and tree removal in emergency situations.

The initiative -which is processed under the file 22,404– was presented by Corrales on February 18.

“With the recent situation caused by the rains, the need for this project to be approved was made clear. Current law prevents this work from being carried out on the river banks because it would imply intervening on protected areas“Declared the liberationist.

The proposal consists of an amendment to article 32 of the National Law of Emergencies and Risk Prevention, with the purpose that cleaning works in channels, dredging of rivers and removal of trees in emergency situations are exempt from permits and procedures.

“It is necessary to have legal mechanisms that allow expediting solutions, “said Corrales.

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