PLN fraction supports prohibition of the exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas in Costa Rica

San José, Jul 28 ( – The legislative fraction of the National Liberation Party (PLN) announced that it “supports the prohibition of the exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas in Costa Rica.”

They affirmed that this position is based on the fact that “from its origins, the PLN has promoted a green agenda” for the protection of natural resources and that it bases its development on environmental sustainability. “

In addition, they indicated that “the PLN proposed and made the abolition of the army a reality, the most important act for Costa Rica in the 20th century. and with that same conviction and security it will drive the fight to ban the use of oil and gas in this century, also proposing to Costa Rica a robust, ambitious and visionary agenda, in line with the development model in the modern world.

The fraction of the PLN highlighted its environmental vocation that has accompanied it since its origins and that has allowed it to materialize important achievements:

  • Creation of the National System of National Parks.
  • Approval of the Forestry Law.
  • Creation of the Ecological Blue Flag Program.
  • Sanction of the reform to article 50 of the Political Constitution that establishes the right of every person to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment.
  • Signing of the Kyoto Protocol to combat climate change.
  • Boosting the energy matrix through an increasing use of renewable energies.
  • Extension of the decree that prohibited the exploration and exploitation of fossil fuels.

Likewise, they highlighted that “support for the ban on the exploration and exploitation of oil and natural gas is part of an environmental and economic impact agenda that Liberación Nacional will be promoting and that focuses on the production of green hydrogen, the promotion of biofuels, the export of clean energies and the efficiency of State institutions whose work is related to the use of the energy matrix ”.

Likewise, in the case of Recope, the fraction rejects any claim that seeks to charge a new tax on fuels to finance initiatives related to the matter, which affect citizens.



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