Poás Volcano in Costa Rica

Are you the kind of person that enjoy be surrounded by forest, a person who delights in the most beautiful landscapes? Well, let me tell you, Costa Rica is the perfect destiny for you if you want to take some vacations and take some time out of routine. Costa Rica is filled of nature everywhere, is a country that is committed with the environment and wants to be green, even with you are in the city you can see the mountains around you, is a great place to visit in vacations for all those nature lovers.

If you want to be in touch with nature and have amazing views in Costa Rica, I’m going to give you one great option, a cheap and easy place to have fun and adventure during vacations, the Natural Park of Poas Volcano in the city of Alajuela, without a doubt is a great place to visit, in this place you can actually see the entire crater of a volcano is amazing!. All the road until the park is surrounded by nature, stunning trees (including the tallest pines), a lot of restaurants and local people selling the products harvested in the area, you must try the strawberries!

This park is one of the favorite’s place of Costa Rica for tourism, the nature is amazing, and the park has several types of habitats, like, squat forest, sparse vegetation, cloud forest and some areas without vegetation (more like a dry space). In the cloud forest, which is very humid and dense, most trees, such as oak, cedillo, orange blossom, papayillo and white cypress, reach a height of 20 meters and are covered with mosses, epiphytes and other plants, the nature is very something that takes your breath away. The park have three principal structures: the main crater of the volcano, the lagoon Botos and the cone Von Frantzius, do the hike on the different trails and go through all the park, is an experience that all traveler will enjoy.

Come to Costa Rica! Spend some time visiting and enjoying all the forest in this place, know a little bit of the nature of the country, the culture and the people, definitely Costa Rica must be in your travels destinations, you are going to have unique memories and the most incredible moments when you visit the country.

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