Post-secondary FONABE scholarship holders have not received a scholarship for 6 months

San José, Jul 27 ( – The Alliance of postsecondary scholarship holders, on the part of FONABE, denounced that they have not received the benefit of the scholarship granted by the institution for 6 months.

This was stated by the group from the office of deputy José María Villalta, where they announced a demonstration with the support of the legislator.

Given this, Villalta said that “we support the call to demonstrate by postsecondary students who have been without a scholarship for 6 months because the Government does not allocate resources.”

Villalta emphasized that “the government has not turned over the money from the scholarships, they continue to fail to comply and continue to delay this, affecting many families in their right to education.”

The demonstration will be this Thursday, July 29 at 10:00 am in front of the Legislative Assembly.



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