Process to replace teachers is tedious and can take weeks

( At the Central School of Tres Ríos, a group of fifth-grade children took several weeks without receiving lessons, due to absences and disabilities of the teacher.

Now, after the entry of holidays, the director of the educational center decided to divide the group among the other sections, so that children do not continue to fall behind and while the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) appoints another person.

Situations like these occur throughout the national territory. The process to replace teachers is tedious and it may take several weeks.

“By having such a large and complex roster – we are a total of 88 thousand people – with substitutions, substitutions, it becomes a little larger and unfortunately these situations occur. The right to social security is a universal principle and a human right. We have to process the disability. We have improving a tool with the Social Security Fund, where every 8 days we update the disabilities, we proceed to make the appointment and It is done with the speed of the case, a maximum week no more than 15 days. What will delay is if the person is continually becoming incapacitated“, Explained Yaxinia Díaz, director of Human Resources of the entity.

The hierarch explained that there is a protocol that they must respect and that, in the best of cases, is solved in a few days.

“It is a fact that the MEP cannot control and unfortunately it affects the educational service of our students. If they are disabilities of less than a month, it allows regional directorates to appoint for periods of less than a month and the people they appoint are extended (…) We have to abide by a principle of legality and the procedure is established by the Civil Service “, he claimed.

The teaching career law establishes that to make appointments, you must choose in descending order of qualification, that is, by professional group.

“For example, in the Juan Rafael Mora Porras school, in San José, we have to start with those who have the largest group, then, in a registry of eligible more than 50 thousand people, You have to call all the graduates, if they don’t accept, you have to call all the high school graduates. If they do not accept, we must call all the graduates and until we exhaust that registry of eligibles, the innocence is declared and then 15 days or a month has passed. These are situations that can also occur and that is why it is important that the director has to rearrange to care for these children. That is the most tragic case, but the most celere, it can last 3 days“, He detailed.

The official was emphatic in pointing out that must respect the labor rights of teachers and that you can’t just send them to areas where they don’t agree.

Most causes associated with teacher replacements They are due to disabilities, licenses, leave without pay, deaths, among others.

“There are situations where the person retired and arrived at the MEP a month in advance to leave, then the appointment is ready. There are people who die and the family says ‘we are not going to report it yet’, because they have to make rearrangements. We realize because someone says ‘it is that such a person had a death and I want them to name me there’ (…) There are different situations that arise, because people have varied situations that often force us to be absent from work and that dynamism is what makes management quite complex ”, he assured.

The official acknowledged that they do not have the data of the number of replacements, as that can vary constantly.

According to Díaz, “now we manage online systems, they don’t even have to come to San José to leave papers. Everything is done through emails. However, there are still educational centers where they do not have internet to send information and say ‘I was incapacitated’. The idea is that while the substitute person arrives, the principal makes the rearrangement so that these children do not have this interruption of the school year.

In addition, he stated that the case of the recovery of material in children affected by these rearrangements is part of the director of each school or college, to make the respective leveling.

According to MEP data, a total of 1,620 educators have been relocated to non-teaching roles, due to health situations.

“Article 274 of the Labor Code also allows no longer a disability, but a permanent or temporary relocation of functions and appoint a substitute,” he concluded.

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