PUSC will not support more complementary agenda taxes with the IMF

San José, Jul 19 (elmundo.cr) – The Fraction of the Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC), announces that it will not support any project on the agenda with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which contains new taxes that hit the pockets of the Costa Ricans.

Social Christians consider that the agenda is poorly planned, loaded with more taxes and completely contrary to the needs of the Costa Rican people.

«The Government never valued the options proposed by the fraction to generate fresh resources. We put on the table projects such as green hydrogen, distributed generation, amnesty in social charges and the need to advance in the expansion of investment in fiber optics, spectrum in 5G and a real agenda to reactivate the economy, “said the chief. of fraction Pablo Heriberto Abarca.

Over 3 years, the Executive Power was unable to make substantive cuts in public spending, propose a true reform of the State and renegotiate the public debt.



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