Recope alleges that it will save ¢ 5,000 million for reorganization

( .- The Costa Rican Oil Refinery (Recope) claimed that this year it will save ¢ 5,000 million product of the process administrative reorganization who started walking.

The report was presented to the Governing Council by the executive president of the Refinery, Alejandro Muñoz, on May 5.

According to the minutes of that session, the hierarch stated that the autonomous entity has 1,797 places of which 1,626 are occupied.

The hierarch also indicated that the renegotiation of the Recope collective agreement will imply a reduction in the cost of ¢ 23,525 million during the next 4 years of its validity.

However, spending in this area is still high. The executive president stated that the 82% of the total cost of the collective agreement is monopolized by two items: annuity (62%) and the contribution of resources that Recope makes to the fsavings bank (20.7%) of your employees.

Muñoz also explained that the elimination of the Payment Regulation of the Uprooting will save the company ¢ 360 million annually.

In terms of operating expenses, Recope explained to President Alvarado and his Cabinet that in 2020 expenditures were cut in ¢ 9,373 million.

The results report to the Governing Council included the strategic projects for the Refinery, among which are the Pacific Oil Terminal, the Chorotega Terminal, the Tobías Bolaños Airport, and the Quality Assurance Building, the expansion of parking areas and accesses for tanker trucks in the Moín Terminal, among others.

Regarding Recope’s income, the executive president commented that the COVID-19 pandemic hit cash flow, causing the reduction of a 43% in income for fuel sales during 2020.

That reduction, said the hierarch, forced Recope to resort to financing for $ 10.4 million to pay for a shipment of Diesel.

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