“Río Cuarto”: Costa Rica’s Newest Canton Will Become a Tourist Destination

Río Cuarto, the newest canton in Costa Rica, seeks to position itself as a tourist destination through its rivers, lagoons, flora, fauna, and hospitality of its inhabitants. To achieve this, the municipality launched the canton brand: “Río Cuarto, todo por descubrir” (Río Cuarto, everything to discover), which includes a series of videos showing some of its natural attractions.

“This launch is a historic event. We have done a job full of enthusiasm, always seeking excellence and positioning the name of the canton, so that people know where we are”, said José Miguel Jiménez, mayor of this municipality. As part of this launch, the official page of the Municipality of Río Cuarto was opened on Facebook and on a website.

A musician from Río Cuarto wrote the hymn for the Canton

Before the launch of the canton brand, the municipality created a contest for composers to compete for being the author of the Hymn to Río Cuarto. Musician Erick Mora was the winner.

His lyrics are inspired by the natural beauties of the place and honor the 3 districts of the canton, as well as highlighting the importance of water.

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) congratulated the people of Río Cuarto for launching their brand with a Costa Rican essence. Also, the ICT invited those who do not know it yet, to start visiting that canton. As a curious fact, Río Cuarto is the 82nd canton in Costa Rica. It was created in 2017, after officially separating from the canton of Grecia

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