Room IV accepts Aresep union action against brand downgrade

( .- The Constitutional Chamber accepted for its study an action of unconstitutionality presented by the union Association of Officials of Aresep and Sutel (AFAS) against Law Nº. 9911, for the relief in the payment of the March 2021 for public transport.

The union of the Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep) and the Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel), alleges that the reduction of 50% in the payment of the canon paid by public transport service providers caused a reduction in the budget and affected the operation of Aresep during 2021.

Likewise, the union stressed that the reduction in the payment of the canon only benefited public transport companies, since the Current rates include the payment of the stamp within the costs that are taken into consideration to set them.

“Users continue to pay it, since this (the item of the fee) is not transferred to the Regulatory Authority for the exercise of its functions, but is left to the providers”the union claimed.

The workers also affirm that the opposition to the appealed law lies in the fact that the affectation that it causes to the Aresep budget also damages the control of the public services that are provided to users.

The fee paid by carriers represents 42% of Aresep’s budget. Among the public transport service providers are the bus drivers, taxi drivers and those engaged in cabotage.

The Chamber ordered the suspension of the rebate in the payment of the canon until it resolves the unconstitutionality action.

According to AFAS, among the actions affected by the reduction of the fee are:

  • Energy Sector:
    • Quality inspection project in Recope for liquid fuels.
    • Asphalt and emulsion quality project.
    • Gas quality project for the second half of 2021.
    • Electricity quality program for the first semester 2021.
    • Decrease in inspections in electricity service distributors
    losing the possibility of attending the complaints service program
    through smart meter validation.
    • Cluster analysis of electrical circuits in the distribution companies of the country.
    • Inspection activities in transportation and fuel peddler.
    • Bulk verification project in LPG service.
    Water Sector:
    • Reduction in the verification of drinking water quality.
    • Readjustment of the number of verified hydrometers.
    • Unaccounted for water project.
    • Formulation of the quality project for roasts.
    Transportation Sector
    Technical studies of passenger volume in the bus service.
    Evaluation of the quality of the railway service according to the INTE G20 standard.
    Quality assessment in the major cabotage service according to the INTE G20 standard.
    Quality assessment in the provision of port services and
    private stevedores in the main ports of Costa Rica.
    Quality evaluation of the social communication service and post offices.

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