San Carlos receives Alajuelense with the aim of getting the job done in their own stadium

Written by Fabiola Montoya / contributor.

San José, July 28 ( .- The San Carlos Sports Association will face Alajuelense tonight with the intention of getting the first three points at home. A place that is always difficult for the handlers and for any team.

Los Toros del Norte worked in the preseason to form a group of companions with a good atmosphere within the squad.

“A group was formed that the institution wanted and what we were looking for as a technical body, we are satisfied with the work and the disposition,” said Gustavo Martínez through the press conference.

In addition, the coach shared that as a group they must always improve and seek perfection. Gustavo Martínez explained that he focused on forming a group in which everyone feels good about each other and then sports it.

“I think that one cannot be totally satisfied because this is still a game and sometimes it turns out well, and other times badly, and the player knows it. The coaching staff has a lot of analysis on that, a good group was formed at the work level and they themselves have to transmit it on the field, there are decision-making that is taken as a group, ”Martínez added.

The helmsman added that regarding the incorporations of the team they are happy because the players have what they have been looking for, such as healthy competition and that the one in the best condition goes to the playing field, this causes the group to grow as a sports team.

The coach added that, as a group, they try to arrive at the best possible moment, either individually or collectively to start the tournament, also commented that the players with more experience in the club are open, they know what the club is looking for and that they know how to compete when there are youth players at the side.

“With the new entries to the club, a good balance has been achieved, because they are players who were sought throughout the preseason, with a series of tasks and jobs, the players play an important role because they create importance and competition for the player with more experience, so that he knows that with this they must be fully in the day to day, “said the technician.

Martínez expressed that, as a coaching staff, they must have the ability to choose and that they must instill competence in the tournament.

In addition, he commented that the entry of Panamanians Adolfo Machado and Yorman Aguilar has been good since they were in international competition.

Regarding the tournament, the coach affirmed that the rival is an important traditional team, and that they already know each other before tomorrow’s dispute, he added that they were clear as a team depends on themselves, that it is a home game and that they can let it be a starter that can give you many things.



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