San José marks the field for Figueres, they want Danny Vargas as a candidate for deputy

San José, Jul 25 ( – The Cantonal Assembly of the National Liberation Party in San José, unanimously agreed to support the leader Danny Vargas to occupy one of the first four places on the ballot of deputies for the province from San jose.

Vargas, a well-known leader of the central canton, very close to the mayor Johnny Araya, achieved a significant majority of delegates in the central canton, but he is not on the “line” of favorites in Figueres.

For this reason, the Josepian assembly members made it clear what their preference is: «To propose the comrade and leader Danny Vargas Serrano so that with his experience and capacity demonstrated in recent years, he is the person with whom the canton would feel worthily represented in the Legislative Assembly to occupy an eligible position within the 4 possible of the deputy list of the province of San José.

The cantons of the National Liberation party have made it clear that the problems for José María Figueres are just beginning, with strong clashes in all provinces for positions in dispute.

In San José, José María Figueres’s favorites are the PLN’s alternate treasurer, Marco Cercone, the leader of Desamparados, Oscar Núñez, in addition to having commitments made with the economist, Gerardo Corrales.

But in this province the main leaders from the district assemblies are the aforementioned Danny Vargas and the mayor of Desamparados, Gilbert Jiménez.

It has even been insistently mentioned that Figueres’ refusal to allow former candidate Rolando Araya to occupy the first place for San José was due to the fact that he already had strong commitments to the positions for candidates for deputies in that province.

In San José, Figueres would lead with his faithful leader, Alicia Fournier, while the third place would go to the general, Vera Cruz Barrantes.



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