Where to stay at Santa Teresa beach Costa Rica

If you come to Costa Rica and you are a beach lover, the perfect place to go is Santa Teresa, a beach with a great waves to do surf and other extreme activities related to the ocean, this place is full of nature and beauty everywhere and is known for its energy, in addition, local people can give you a friendly treatment and help you to have perfect memories and moments. If this sound good for you, we are going to give you a suggestion of a place that you can stay during your vacations in Santa Teresa.

Proyecto Santa Teresa Costa RicaProyecto Santa Teresa (Santa Teresa’s Project) is a Hostel located less than two hundred meters from the beach, this Hostel is super cheap and is always clean. But, what is the real thing with this place? Well, this place is not only a Hostel, the name of “Proyecto” that means project, is because this place is dedicated to open the doors to people that wants to help in the community of Santa Teresa through educational programs to help low recourses people that want to learn English or people that cannot even know how to write or read. They are committed with the people, to teach them and give them all the tools, this is a nonprofit program, the commitment is not only with local people, they also teach their language to foreign people so they can give you the opportunity to help and do some volunteering and make a change in other people life and change yours.

This Hostel can give you a once life experience, knowing the culture of local people, learning a lot of all the people from everywhere of the world that visit and participates of the programs at the place and also you can take some surfing lessons, yes! They also teach surfing!

So, there you go, many more reasons to visit Costa Rica on your next vacations!

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