Strong earthquake released energy equivalent to all earthquakes that occurred in the last 2 years

( The earthquake of 6.7 degrees occurred during Wednesday afternoon45 kilometers south of Punta Burica, in the South Zone, released the equivalent of the energy released in all the earthquakes recorded by the Seismic Engineering Laboratory (LIS) of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) from June 26, 2019.

This was detailed this Thursday by that scientific entity through an official report.

The LIS explained that the earthquake, registered at 3:15 pm on Wednesday, had a depth close to 10 kilometers and it was perceived in most of the national territory.

“The magnitude 6.7 earthquake released the equivalent to the accumulated energy of all earthquakes registered by the LIS since June 26, 2019 as of today (July 22). This includes the energy of the 6.0 magnitude event off Jacó in August 2020, the 6.0 magnitude of May 13, 2021 and the 6.1 magnitude of the previous Saturday (July 17), ”the laboratory described.

The distance between both sources is about 60 kilometers.

Both could be related in addition to being in the same fault zone, however more detailed analysis is needed to find out.

As a striking detail, the LIS explained that the movement lasted almost 3 minutes in the South Zone, but much was imperceptible to the population. In the Central Valley, on average, it lasted almost a minute and a half (90 seconds).

The main aftershock of Wednesday’s earthquake, reported until 8:00 am this Thursday, it had a magnitude of 5.1 degrees.

The origin of the event was in the Fracture Zone of Panama. This consists of a fault produced by the relative movements of the Nazca plate with respect to the Coco plate and the contact zone between the South American plate and the Caribbean plate.

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