Subjects steal millions of colones from home after detaining police officers

( .- The Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) issued the official report of the situation that occurred this Friday afternoon in La Fila Guayabo de Mora.

“2 Police officers went to answer a call for apparent shots, when they arrive at a house, they get out of the official vehicle and at that moment they are intercepted by several subjects, who carried firearms, the individuals they stripped the officers of their regulation weapons, tied them up and locked them up in the drawer of a truck ”, reported the OIJ.

Later, the subjects fled in a pick-up truck, they broke into a neighboring house and stripped people of their cell phones that were in the house.

The OIJ said that the suspects took several million colones in cash, but the sum has not yet been quantified.

“Inside the house where the truck where the officers were located, there were 2 men tied up, who managed to free themselves to ask for help”Added the judicial authorities.

A tactical group managed to free all the detainees, who are in good health. At the moment there are no detainees and the case remains under investigation.

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