Suspect tied body with tape after dragging it through coffee plantation

( A researcher from the Cartago Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) who worked on the disappearance of the young Allison Bonilla Vásquez, declared before the Criminal Court that in the car of the suspect with surnames Sánchez Ureña there was found adhesive tape, type “tape”, commonly used by electricians, which apparently would have been used by the individual to tie up the limbs of the victim on the day he attacked her.

The judicial agent Luis Felipe Aguilar also pointed out that in a coffee farm, where Allison Bonilla’s medicated glasses were located, a trace of blood was also found that had a distance of 140 meters to the main gate of said property.

The analysis done by judicial authorities, is that the suspect Sánchez Ureña, after physically attacking the girl, dragged her from inside the farm to the main gate, tied her up and hid her in the trunk of the BMW vehicle that the accused frequently drove.

“It is an entrance that even when it is closed with a gate, has a space on the side, through which you can enter on foot (…) in the trunk of the vehicle there is a torn piece of cloth, with a piece of tape and the It itself contains traces of blood, which, when analyzed in the biochemistry laboratory, coincide with the blood of the defendant Sanchez Ureña (…) the blood found in the trunk of the defendant’s vehicle matches the blood of Allison’s mother, which had previously been stolen for comparisons with the victim, ”said Aguilar.

The researcher added that in various security videos around Ujarrás, the defendant’s vehicle appears, first following Allison Bonilla, and later moving towards the Cachí area, the sector where the victim’s remains finally appeared.

The suspect’s car also did not have the carpet used to cover the spare tire and the tool, a detail that drew attention and that, in the opinion of the Public Ministry, could have been full of Allison’s blood.

There was false information

Allison disappeared the night of March 4, 2020. At the end of that same month, the Judicial Investigation Agency received confidential information indicating that the young woman had been detained in a house in the Santa Cruz de Guanacaste sector by a subject identified with the surname Ramírez.

Investigator Aguilar assured that from March 30 to April 10, 2020, the judicial police traveled to the Guanacaste area to be able to discard the information.

Finally, thanks to the participation of a criminal analyst from the OIJ’s Office of Plans and Operations, it was ruled out that Bonilla Vásquez was being held in Guanacaste.

Aguilar, in his capacity as a judicial investigator, informed the Prosecutor’s Office that this subject with the surname Ramírez, alias “Cayuco”, had lived in Ujarrás and was linked to a homicide, although he did not specify what possible relationship he may have had with Bonilla or his family .

The trial for the death of Bonilla continues in the stage of receiving testimonial evidence.

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