The “Cali” odyssey now continues between airplanes and airports

( The national surfer Carlos “Cali” Muñoz continues to do the impossible to to get to Tokyo and compete in the Olympics.

The latest information that emerged around the surfer is that he is already in Los Angeles, where you must take a plane that takes you to Japan.

However, the problem that presents itself to you now, is that you have very little time to make the connection that allows you to continue living a true dream.

“The plane of Delta arrived late and they had no gate. You now have 20 minutes to get on to the Japan Airlines plane ”.

The surf tests They are to start this Sunday, July 25, but a typhoon is expected to delay the start of the first or second round.

The Costa Rican will not be disqualified if he does not compete in that first stage, but he needs to have a delay for the second round and he can compete.

“Cali” has experienced an authentic adventure that has taken him in a matter of hours from the Caribbean of the country, to cross Route 32 with the help of firefighters to Los Angeles, the last stop before Tokyo.

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