The curious technique never seen before with which this athlete won a gold medal

( – The Chinese athlete Li Fabin won the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo thanks to the fact that he managed to lift 166 kilograms in the weightlifting discipline, but what attracted the most attention It is the curious technique that he uses to maintain his balance.

Even if He had already used it in other competitions, It is the first time he has made it to an Olympic games. The young athlete lifts his right leg to concentrate his balance and not bounce the bar with the weight.

The technique has been baptized in networks as “Flemish”, Despite being considered a rarity, it is not illegal.

When asked about the technique, the athlete clearly said that he was not doing it to show off nor did he recommend other people to do so. He claims that he discovered that it is a way that he can regain balance when you feel unstable, due to the force it has on the core and abdominal muscles.

Li Fabin was the 2019 weightlifting champion and the 2018 runner-up, so the important performance he had in the Olympics was to be expected.

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