The election of the magistrates and a dignified resignation

Opinion: The election of the magistrates and a dignified resignation

There is no doubt that the country’s institutions have been suffering a very deep crisis that has worsened in recent times, with strong shocks especially for the Judiciary.

Hence, regarding the posts of Magistrates and Magistrates, both regular and alternate, although their election is in the hands of a strictly partisan political Power such as the Legislative, it is an aspect to which citizens must pay very special attention. I point this out because it is not a secret for anyone that despite the existence of an “Appointments Committee”, in the past, there have been questions regarding the methodology used, the selection processes, the content of the interviews and information about opacity and little or no transparency, as for example in the Report of the Second Independent Panel, without the situation appearing to vary positively.

It should be considered that the people who run for such positions are valued for their merits, reports and resumes, leaving aside second-order aspects that may well be considered as open pettiness.

Hence, the news that an official with the best grade obtained, had not been selected as Alternate Magistrate of the Criminal Chamber, due to possible situations of “closeness” with a person who at other times held the Magistracy, is an absurd argument, lacking in logic and common sense, which is often the least common of the senses. Unfortunately this is part of the always deficient legislative work.

Those of us who know the trajectory, academic, professional and ethical stature of Dr. Patricia Vargas González, Judge of Sentence Appeal and university professor, are ultimately shocked that she has not been appointed, with the cherry on the cake of a possible “affinity ideological “on their part and that can only be translated into an underhanded attack on the principle of judicial independence, which, although it has come to decline in recent times (as when a deputy said:” Gentlemen Magistrates; here you are re-elected “or when re-elected the current President of the Court and it was said that it was a “wake-up call”), it is one of the guarantees of a Republican and democratic State

Faced with this incomprehensible and embarrassing legislative decision, the dignified resignation of her nomination made by Dr. Vargas González stands out, through a letter addressed to the Presidency of the Assembly, emphasizing her professional career, as it once again highlights the imperative need to reform the selective process of such positions, with a view to avoiding interference by the political class in it, which could obey dark and unspeakable designs.

With all this and in the absence of mechanisms to demand responsibility from deputies for their actions, the only loser is the Costa Rican democracy, as it does not have an official like Dr. Vargas González, who can be proud of not detract from swimming against the current in such a context.

Manuel Rojas Salas

[email protected]

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