The Gold Cup shows the Tricolor how steep the road to the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be

San José, July 19, 2021 ( – The Gold Cup shows how close the World Cup qualifying round will be towards Qatar 2022.

Journalists and fans comment on each game, many think that El Salvador, Panama and Honduras have a better performance than La Sele, at least for what they have shown so far. Not to mention what was shown by Canada, Mexico and the United States.

The games at the weekend left that feeling among those who watched the games. The H and the canaleros played a game that was vibrant in intensity and in their style of play.

For its part, El Salvador put Mexico in trouble; Canada and the United States are very well-formed teams.

Luis Fernando Suárez and David Guzmán attended this Monday in the pre-game against Jamaica to define the leadership of Group D.

The Colombian says he ratifies how disputed the tie will be towards Qatar, he considers “that it will be nice to compete for a World Cup quota.”

This is the query you made The world to the technician of the Tricolor.

There have been very intense matches in this Gold Cup. What can you tell these teams that will be our rivals from September?

He tells me that it is going to be a tie in which you have to compete always and with a very high demand. I’m not surprised, because I know all the football in Central America.

From Honduras I am not surprised by the way in which they have progressed for some time. It seems to me that it is normal that he is playing the way they are playing. It is a great team, with great players.

Less than El Salvador, that I am in love with the players of El Salvador, because I think they play very well. They are technically very rich. Panama has had a great growth.

However, what they show today about these young players is the same as those who are no longer there today. It seems to me that it is not a lost generation that qualified for the last World Cup. Logically the rest, what Canada has progressed, what the United States has progressed will tell you many things that you have in the competition.

Apart from Mexico, which is logically a rival that has the most things to show in the area. What I see is to ratify what I had seen before, of great teams and that the competition is going to be complicated and that it will be good to play it.

It seems to me that Costa Rica also has to fight and so that it is also taken into account for these qualifying rounds.

For his part, midfielder David Guzmán explained that they also observe the games and are aware of what is coming from September.

“No tie has been easy, and we know what has happened here in the Gold Cup. We want to be in the World Cup and for that we will compete, those games are very beautiful,” said Guzmán.

La Sele begins her journey to Qatar on September 2 in Panama.



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