The historical scorer of women’s football maintains her retirement and will be next week against Saprissa

Written by Fabiola Montoya and Ferlin Fuentes.

San José, July 22, 2021 ( – Karla Villalobos, the historic scorer of Costa Rican women’s soccer, maintains her retirement from soccer.

The forward announced its decision the previous Monday through its social networks, news that fell by surprise in the union.

Bernald Castillo, general manager of the Florian women’s team, spoke with Mundo Deportes this morning and stated that he tried to avoid the player’s retirement but was unsuccessful.

“I spoke with Karla this Wednesday, I heard her motives and I can say that she stands by her decision to retire. We decided that the farewell game will be on the next date (matchday 5) of this championship when we face Deportivo Saprissa at the Nicolás Macís stadium in Escazú.

”She has a job offer that will provide her with better conditions, she told me. We didn’t want this at the moment, but it’s part of what he told us, ”Castillo said.

We also asked him about what was reported in the program Cambio de Juego, on Teletica Radio, where the presenters of the program (Melissa Alvarado, Mónica Malavassi and Adriana Hernández) asked the president of the Sport Herediano Club, Juan Carlos Retana, and Castillo that They knew that the player’s decision was due to delays in her financial agreement with the club.

Villalobos left Sporting the previous March 3, at that time he received offers from Alajuelense, Saprissa and opted for Herediano. The economic offer was superior and allowed him to dedicate himself fully to football and not have to look for another job option as happens to most of his colleagues.

Castillo told us that at this time there is no economic delay with the campus. Although it does not hide that sometimes they have been delayed a few days because the sponsors sometimes ask for extensions of a few days to cancel the agreed monies.

“At this moment we do not have any economic delay and we have not had it in the past either. We cancel between the 15th and 20th of each month, hoping with the sponsors to cancel the agreement on the 10th. However, sometimes they are delayed for a few days. According to that, we can cancel our obligations, but today everything is up to date, ”Castillo said.

In Herediano they regret the player’s decision, they wanted the attacker to finish this tournament and that she could perhaps reach 350 goals.

Villalobos has 347 goals, the record of 63 goals in a single tournament, on two occasions he scored seven goals in a single game. In addition, she finished as a tournament scorer four times and a national champion six times.

We enclose the statements of the red-and-yellow president, Juan Carlos Retana, and the general manager, Bernald Castillo, in the program Cambio de Juego on Teletica Radio.

Juan Carlos Retana, president of the Club Sport Herediano.

– In search of professionalization. “We must clarify that women’s football is not a professional football determined like this by Uniffut, so they don’t mediate salaries.

In our case, a travel allowance is given to each of the players. ”“ As a team and Fuerza Herediana, we have determined to be professionals in women’s football, even if it is internally as long as we can make the leap to the level. federative. I consider that we are the only First Division team in the country, both male and female, that has a manager solely and exclusively for the female wing. It operates totally unrelated to each other, with an independent budget, with independent powers for that, part of this process that we are carrying out was to send the manager Bernal Castillo, to the preseason tour in Mexico, with the entire men’s team to have negotiations and contacts , so that he would learn and be more involved in women’s football, because we know that Mexico is very developed “

– Delay in payments. “Unfortunately, because it is not justification, it cannot be in any way, we paid these travel expenses on the 15th, Don Bernal was not in the country and we did not have the precautionary measure to be able to make the necessary adjustments to make the payments, this was the situation that occurred.

“Bernal arrived in the country on Tuesday and today those deposits were being made in the players’ accounts, corresponding to travel expenses. It is not justification, it cannot be, it is an issue that must be analyzed internally and that we have to remedy because with that it cannot be determined that there are positions or elements that delay such a service, and I think it is something of what we are all learning, but as I tell you, it was on this occasion and it is being corrected today (Wednesday) ”.

Likewise, he added: “If you have a payment date, but it falls on a weekend, there is always a type of delay, be it because the transfer was not credited on the day, because the business day runs, but we are always canceling in the fortnights paying between that period, really if there is any kind of delay it is very short, but we have improved a lot with this issue, from the beginning of the project, until now and we continue to learn “

– Farewell game. “I had a conversation with Karla yesterday (Tuesday), I discussed it with Bernal, and as the club’s president I understand his personal situation, they are very personal decisions, however we have not made his departure public, because yesterday I asked him to think about it, I told her that she is the historical scorer of national football and that she has to retire as such and that we want her to do so at Herediano, and if her decision is very personal regarding retirement, we want to say goodbye to her as she deserves if it is that That is her resolution, but yesterday I asked her to consider her position, to finish this semester with the Club, and that if she wishes to retire later, then to do so, but to finish this semester, to allow us to fire her as it is at the end or now, we have a meeting with her and we are not going to let her go so easily and secondly if her decision is upheld that she wants to retire, she is going to retire as we withdraw the Herediano players with all honors, and as she deserves it ” .

Bernal Castillo, general manager of Herediano FF.

– Retirement of Karla Villalobos. “Karla Villalobos’s decision does not surprise me because many months ago she told me that she suffers from certain pain in her knees, that she was thinking that if she retired, she would remain in the administrative part working with us, but I can. say that I have talked to Karla. I will meet with her tomorrow (Thursday), because today she went to be vaccinated, we know that she made this decision, but she had already made it and it had been thought about for a long time ”.

– Delays of days. “Not all girls have family development, sometimes they mediate with other things around, it is not a matter for us to speak now about the social assistance that the Sport Herediano Club does, because the players already knew that between the 15th and 20th , is that the months are canceled, this because the sponsors are depositing the 14, 15 or 16 of the month, the problem that existed here is that the players were advanced the payment before the final, and then the gap was up to date The month was very long, because while I was the technical director and managing that part, that was the problem that arose ”.

– Women do not live off football. “It seems unfair to me, I understand them for the economic part, but I told them many times, being a coach, that they cannot live on this, because this is not professional, it goes to a further issue, the issue with Karla Villalobos it’s a different topic. On a date that was agreed with her, but today Karla has 80% of her social assistance canceled, and what we have to mediate is the issue that the money did not enter the women’s team. I stayed as manager at Herediano precisely to correct these problems, to see if the sponsorships can advance the money, so that the players can have their social benefits more up to date, to generate different things ”.

– They will try to convince her. “The club has not announced Karla’s departure because I don’t want her to retire, we had talked about reaching 400 goals, but then I will sit down and talk to her to tell her that she still has this semester left, that we have to work. Karla is a player I have known for a long time, I know the type of person she is, I know the problems that many of them face.

I don’t know what happened within the group, I don’t know what happened and I can’t get into that part, I have to sit down with Víctor Núñez to see what has happened, it can be a discomfort, there comes a point that the player may be tired of things that can be given to the internal that we do not know and makes it see in the way of leaving football and getting to work and doing other things.

It is not easy to get up at 4 am to go to training, we do not know what is happening personally, which is what I want to talk to her, I want to be very clear, because I do not want Karla to leave “.

– Social Security. The players do not have insurance from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), what they have is a policy from the National Insurance Institute (INS), a policy with which they always work for operations and what they require, however, that depends of the help that they have, and can be registered in the box, but that is a process that we are taking little by little, because it is part of professionalism, and it is part of what is being sought that everything is in order. For example, the situation with Diana Sáenz had already been planned and she spoke with me, because she has her policy and only had to cancel a deductible, for her operation and that was how it was handled, and some other players have been operated with this method . Sometimes I have many questions, there are first division teams from half a table down, which are behind with the cash, and in the Second Division they do not even pay, and it is worse than what happens sometimes in the women’s clubs, and we go step by step, and we are walking well ”.



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