The impact of the Anthropocene on the global climate

«Only when the last tree is dead, the latest poisoned river and the last fish trapped, you will find that you cannot eat money ». Indo-American proverb.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Anthropocene is the term used “to designate the current geological era that is distinguished by the central role that humanity plays in promoting significant geological changes.” Although the environmental issue at times seems exhausted, and for many people it is tiring to hear of the same thing, and for certain business cliques it is an obstacle to economic development, the truth is that it affects us not only the current population on the face of the earth, but will directly influence the populations to come, who may have a lot of money, but an inhospitable environment.

And we are already seeing it with catastrophes worldwide. The same that is denied by the defenders of neoliberal extractivism who do not care about the consequences in order to obtain wealth. No more during the month of July, there were at least the following situations:

  • Floods in Erftstadt, Germany
  • Desiccation of Lake Hensley, in Madera, California,
  • Heat wave in Moscow, forcing the deployment of municipal vehicles to spray water.
  • Bootleg fire in southern Oregon.
  • Fires in Siberia in June
  • Wildfires in Lytton, British Columbia in recent June.
  • Floods in Austria.
  • Storms, floods and floods in various areas of our country.
  • And it is expected that, for the next few years, the situation will get worse.

According to a recent New York Time article ( “Floods in Europe have killed 165 people so far (July 19, 2019), most of them in Germany, the most powerful economy in that region. In Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, hundreds of people were reported missing, suggesting that the death toll could rise ”. In addition, it indicates that “The events of this month of July have devastated some of the richest nations in the world, whose prosperity has been possible thanks to more than a century of burning coal, oil and gas, activities that led to greenhouse gases. greenhouse into the atmosphere and they are warming the world. “

Ignoring the consequences, there are bills that favor extractivist practices in Costa Rica, one of which is in commission in the Legislative Assembly: “Law for social development through the regulation of metallic mining activity” presented under file 21584, by the liberationist deputy María José Corrales Chacón, seconded by other signatories. There is also the so-called project “Strengthening and environmental improvement of artisanal mining in Abangares, to add two articles and reform of transitory law No. 8904, law that reforms the mining code and its reforms, law to declare Costa Rica, a country free from open pit metal mining on December 1, 2010 ”under file 21229, with contradictory content.

But, on the other hand, we continue to hear the demagogic discourse of “green and sustainable Costa Rica”, “carbon neutral”, “Ecological Blue Flag Programs” and the like, which is discordant with the proposals and planned paths.

This being the case, there is much to debate whether we will be green or extractivist. You cannot serve God and the Devil.

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