The nightmare repeats itself; JLo and Ben are harassed by paparazzi

( Almost 20 years ago, the actors Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They ended their relationship and their commitment due to media pressure. It was so much harassment that they did not feel comfortable with their romance, because everywhere they were captured by the paparazzi.

Now, they decided to give themselves a new chance, but the nightmare keeps repeating itself. Since the first images of their reunion were leaked, they have been captured everywhere: yacht, beach, mansions, public roads and recently in Capri, Italy.

While the couple walked through an area, quite relaxed, those present took out their cell phones to record it and one of their friends tried to prevent it.

JLo and Ben have become quite an attraction during their walk through Europe, where They traveled to celebrate the singer’s 52nd birthday. Wherever they pass, they are applauded and photographed. However, it seems that this time they don’t care so much …

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