the prize for the effort and struggle of a lifetime

( Leilani McGonagle will be one of the few women who can say that he was present at the first Olympic Games where surfing was accepted.

At 21, he has matured a lot as a professional and he hopes that the hours he spends at sea training, are reflected from the first day I compete in Tokyo.

“It is a lifelong effort to classify, Regardless of the result, you get up every day, sometimes with a lot of desire, sometimes not with so much, but you always fight for what you love.

When the goal is reached, it is a giant satisfaction, but I really believe that the tour is where you can learn the most and enjoy itMcGonagle stated.

Leilani reached the ticket to the Olympics Thanks to his participation in the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games that were held in El Salvador and in which he finished in fifth position.

The surf tests will take place on Tsurigasaki beach, located in the town of Ichinomiya, southeast of Tokyo.

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