The region that will make the leap and stand out for its conditions will be Guanacaste

Guanacaste, Jul 26 ( –The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, highlighted the power of decisions to change history in his speech at the Solemn Session of the Nicoya Municipal Council on the occasion of the 197th anniversary of the Annexation from the Nicoya Party to Costa Rica.

He also noted that “in the year of the Bicentennial, we celebrate that on July 25, 1824, a visionary decision changed the course of History. By its express will, the Party of Nicoya annexed Costa Rica. A consensual union that has 197 years of contributing immeasurable wealth to our country, to each and everyone. Today it is up to us to emulate and imitate that example of making visionary decisions.

Alvarado stressed that education, bilingualism, heritage protection, environmental sustainability and digital literacy will be the fertilizer when indicating that “the region that will make the leap and stand out for its conditions will be Guanacaste.”

The activity, held in the Colonial Church of Nicoya, was also attended by Claudia Dobles, first lady of the Republic and coordinator of this region, whom the president thanked for the progress made; Geannina Dinarte, Minister of the Presidency, Sylvie Durán Salvatierra, Minister of Culture, and the ai Minister of Public Education, Paula Villalta. The mayors of Nicoya, Liberia, Abangares, Cañas, Tilarán, Hojancha, Nandayure, Carrillo, Naranjo, San Ramón, Deputy Mayor de la Cruz and some deputies from the area also participated in the activity.

In his speech, the president spoke about the historical commemoration and how that same will is required to improve the present of the Chorotega Region and make decisions for the benefit of Guanacastecos. He also invited those present to join the route suggested by the Territorial Productive Strategy for an Inclusive and Decarbonized Economy 2020-2050, in which three poles are proposed for this area: the Cañas-Tilarán-Upala (shared with the Huetar Region ), the Liberia Renewable Energy R + D + I Pole and the Ruta 21 – Nicoya- Costa Pacífico Connector Pole.

“We have development opportunities in biotechnology, aeronautics, advanced and specialized manufacturing and the great opportunity of a unique and sustainable tourism. Today Costa Rica is, if not among the first, the first sustainable tourist destination positioned in the world and that much thanks to Guanacaste, “explained the president, who added that as long as we achieve a complete vaccination, tourism will continue to be activated. it will reactivate.

The president reminded those present and the country of the seriousness of the emergency that Costa Rica is currently experiencing due to the serious damage caused by the torrential rains.

Because water is a critical topic in Guanacaste, Alvarado highlighted that more than 170 thousand people will benefit from projects to access drinking water in Guanacaste, thanks to an investment of close to ₡ 30 billion from Aqueducts and Sewers this year ; Likewise, he mentioned that the rehabilitation of the Nosara dam protects more than 3,000 people from eventual flooding from the Nosara River and that 200 barbecues will provide access to drinking water and face the risks of climate change, benefiting more than 65,000 people.

He urged again for water for Guanacaste and the significance of the law that increases the limits of the Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve by 443 hectares for the Water Supply Project for the Right Bank of the Tempisque River and Coastal Communities (Paacume).

Guanacaste deputy Rodolfo Peña Flores, who died on Friday 23, fought for this project. “The best way to honor the memory of Congressman Rodolfo Peña, who was a great fighter for the province, is for us to continue the fight for the Water for Guanacaste project.” The president indicated that the Government has fought for the approval of the project because it guarantees the supply of drinking water for agricultural production and garbage tourism for 50 years.

Significant proposals in health, road and educational infrastructure, tourism and economic reactivation were part of the count of progress in the Chorotega Region made by the president.

For example, he explained that work has been done on the improvement, construction and renovation of educational infrastructure throughout the country, indicating that the investment in the last year amounts to ₡ 8,704 million and highlighted completed works such as the schools of Puerto Humo, Corral de Piedra and María Marín Galagarza.

Aware of the importance of tourism for the province, he commented that “Guanacaste airport”, the new image and commercial brand of Daniel Oduber International Airport –without changing its name–, will help improve the visibility and attractiveness of Guanacaste in international markets as well as the investment of two large hotels in the area.

“We must continue sowing good seeds and opportunities for companies to grow alongside us,” said the President of the Republic after commenting that Coca-Cola Liberia opens a new export market for the company to Peru; The company’s concentrates plant produces the base of Coca-Cola and 89 other beverages, which are also sent to Central America, the Caribbean, Chile and Mexico.

Finally, the president closed his speech by stating that the next exceptional decision we have to make is to prohibit oil exploitation and exploration in this country “because that is an exceptional decision that Costa Rica deserves.”



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