The Rough Road to Cape Horn – CR Traveler

In the first half of this program, we saw what it was like to travel from the US to Panama back in 1941. In this episode we watch as the team attempts to pilot their Plymouth all the way to Cape Horn.

So what do our intrepid explorers come across in this journey?

Colombia: You’ve probably heard Costa Ricans and Colombians both say that their respective country producers. This argument was still very much active even 80 years ago.

Ecuador: The crew found Ecuador “the most interesting” country during their voyage. You’ll see how tiles are made for old-style roofs, some sweeping views, and some interesting interactions with indigenous groups (with an emphasis on their haircuts).

Peru: Leaving the jungle and mountains for the desert is a shock for our adventurers. They also learn how sugarcane is processed, and it looks a lot like what you can still find in Costa Rica today.

Bolivia: It’s a mudslide from Lake Titicaca down to the Straights of Magellan.

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