The shocking images left by the floods in Turrialba

( .- The canton of Turrialba is one of the most affected by the heavy rains this Thursday.

River overflows, flooded streets, affected premises, fallen trees and broken pipes are just part of the damage caused by rainfall.

The Turrialba and Colorado rivers are the ones that had the highest flood in their channels and caused the most havoc in the countryside.

The Fire Department reported that in the face of the situation, they reinforced with more units to attend to emergencies.

“It is reported that since approximately 3:00 pm the order has been given by the Coordinator of the Municipal Emergency Committee Luis Fernando León, from activate the Committee session permanentlyThis is due to the emergency due to the climatic condition that is occurring in the canton.

Reports have been received from different communities and the necessary actions are being generated in coordination with the Risk Management Office, the CNE and the Municipal Mayor’s Office ”, reported the Turrialbeña Municipality.

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