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An instruction guide was recently revealed with six tips that billionaire Elon Musk gave his employees. Musk’s training began in 2018, which was aimed at increasing and meeting the company’s productivity goals. At the time, the billionaire told his workers that productivity could be affected by several factors and in order not to weaken their effort.

Musk suggested six approaches:

1. Say “NO” to long meetings

According to Musk, these types of meetings “are a plague for all companies and almost always get worse over time.” The businessman advised getting rid of all those meetings or abandoning them, unless you are really adding value to the audience.

2. Frequent meetings don’t work either

“The frequency of meetings should decrease, unless it is a very urgent matter,” Musk said. In addition, he said that if the urgent matter is resolved, the frequency of the meetings should decrease.

3. Leave the meeting if you are not contributing

For the Tesla owner, “it is not rude to walk away from meetings, it is rude to make someone waste their time.” Musk suggests leaving the meeting if value is not added.

4. No jargon, communicate effectively

“Anything that needs an explanation inhibits communication.” Musk asked his workers not to use acronyms or words to refer to software, objects or processes in his company.

5. Communicate directly regardless of hierarchy

“Communication must travel the shortest path necessary to get the job done, not through the ‘chain of command,” Musk said. “A major source of problems is poor communication between departments. The way to solve this is to allow the free flow of information between all levels. If to do something between departments, an individual collaborator has to talk to their manager, who talks to a director, who talks to a vice president, who talks to another vice president, who talks to a director, who talks to a manager, who talks to someone who does the actual work, then super silly things will happen. It must be okay for people to speak directly and make the right thing happen.”

6. Use common sense and don’t follow all the rules

Musk noted that if following a “company rule” is obviously ridiculous in a particular situation, then the rule should change. For this, he recommends using common sense as a guide.

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