The strong criticism of Carapaz after winning gold at the Olympic Games

(AFP) – From the Andean moors the Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz climbed to the top of the Tokyo Olympus-2020 to consecrate himself this Saturday as the first cyclist with a podium in the three grand tours and Olympic gold, vindicating his achievement to himself and flashing darts of abandon at achieving it.

Pure chucu, chucu, Ecuador got the second Olympic gold medal of its history thanks to the tireless pedaling of the Carapaz ‘Locomotive’, which achieved a historic title in road cycling, which had a route of 234 kilometers.

“I enjoy this me because in the end I have been an athlete who has left almost without the support of the country“, Sentenced the monarch of the Olympic route in statements to the press.

The rider undeterred, he stressed that “in the end they have never believed in meOnly certain people who saw me at the time and now I am enjoying something that was a dream, I have achieved it, I have fulfilled it ”.

Carapaz requested the government “Continue giving opportunities to athletes who really deserve.”

“This is a dream of Richard
As a result of their work, their effort, with the support of a private company ”, Omar Chamorro reiterated to AFP.

The cycling technician leads the high performance center for cycling children sponsored by the ‘Locomotora’ in his native Carchi and which never had state support.

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