The US alerted the President of an increase in drug trafficking in Costa Rica

( The United States singles out Costa Rica for being currently the country of Central American region that receives the most drugs from South America with final destination to the North American dominions.

This was seen by different officials that make up anti-narcotics teams of the United States, who between June and July visited Costa Rica to participate in some activities with government public servants. learned that one of the meetings was with the President of the Republic Carlos Alvarado, in which the Minister of Public Security Michael Soto and advisers of both participated. At that meeting, the US authorities conveyed to Alvarado Quesada their concern about the increase in the passage of cocaine through our territory.

In the message they were made to see that despite the fact that Costa Rica geographically has always been a “strategic” country as a passageway for narcotics, the truth is that in recent months the figures have skyrocketed and in United States these statistics have not fallen welln.

Through an email, the United States Embassy in Costa Rica confirmed that there was entry of representatives to hold meetings with officials of the Tico government, where security issues, human trafficking and drug trafficking were discussed, but they did not refer to what that they manifested to the national authorities.

“…US representatives met with a wide range of Costa Rican officials to discuss migration, counternarcotics, and environmental cooperation, among many other topics. Costa Rica has long been a major transit country for drugs entering the United States. Costa Rica’s strategic location, its vast maritime territory, and the small size of its security forces, compared to neighboring countries, make the country an attractive transit, storage, and logistics center for illicit drug trafficking. In 2020, Costa Rica continued as an important transit country for drugs entering the United States, with traffic unhindered due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, ″ they pointed out.

The United States referred to the fact that in Costa Rica, the record of drug seizures in 2020 with a total of 71.2 tons of substance that had that country as its main destination.

Taking into consideration that for other points if they manage to pass glarge drug shipments, is that the United States makes the analysis that our country leads the list of cocaine transit in this Central American corridor.

Few anti-drug operations

The information reliably transmitted to this medium indicates that the United States has been dissatisfied because the Drug Control Police (PCD) has not carried out large operations in against groups dedicated to international drug trafficking.

They have focused on checking containers that leave the docks in the province of Limón, however, they manage to locate loads intermittently, and not through field work in investigations.

An example of this, last weekend, at the Japdeva dock, the PCD found in a container more than 4 tons of cocaine that entered from Puerto Turbo in Colombia. attempted to contact the Minister of SPublic security Michael Soto regarding the meeting with the United States, however, did not respond to the management.

Neither did the communication office of said portfolio.

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