There is nothing like the air of San José!

“Aire de San José improves amid the health crisis” assumes the local press, “better nothing!” commented a pachuco about to disappear between two dust hurricanes of the construction of a mega highway in charge of two very important mega companies.

The ecologists program the sales of the product that demand the export of the simple peasants, since they are local, the sausage producers await opportunities to make their own with the street vendors, in short, everything remains in the “Air” as usual in the terroir.

Regarding air pollution, the World Health Organization recommends that the annual average of 40 micrograms per cubic meter in the concentration of Nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) in the environment does not exceed the city of San José in 2020. the concentration to about 20%, mainly due to the vehicular restriction that is what emits this polluting gas.

It is important to highlight the work carried out by the Environmental Analysis Laboratory of the National University (UNA), which through passive air monitoring collects information in twenty-eight different points of the Central Canton of San José.

For people’s health, this improvement in the air is important and we hope that it remains at low levels since it is a matter of public health.

In addition; it is necessary to plant more trees in the city to help improve the air.

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