These places will have a COVID-19 vaccination campaign during the weekend

( The Costa Rican Social Security Fund will enable about 38 vaccinations distributed among the different health centers of the country.

The vast majority of these days began lto tomorrow this Saturday from 8 am. and many will spread until the doses are used up destined for today.

It is necessary to remember that each of these vaccinations will be vaccinating to anyone over 30 years of age, regardless of whether you have risk factors or not.

Likewise, if there is a minimum attendance, each center will be able to enable the contingency plan to vaccinate the older than 18 years without risk factors, which will be communicated by the management of each center.

The places that will have vaccination according to the CCSS this Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July are the following:

North Central:

  • Palmares, in the Palmareña Civic Association
  • Alajuela, Central in the City Mall
  • Orange tree, at the headquarters of the health area
  • Forks, at the Health Area Headquarters
  • Alajuela West, at the Autovac post, Coyol Free Zone
  • old Port, in the sports center and the dining room of La Virgen in front of the communal hall
  • Barva, at the health area headquarters
  • La Reforma Clinic, in the Gym of La Reforma
  • Hospital San Vicente de Paul, in the Mobile Medical Unit
  • Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela, in the auditory
  • Hospital Mexico, at the INA in Uruca

Central South

  • Alajuelita, at the headquarters of the health area
  • Carthage, at the University College of Cartago and at the Jesús Jiménez School
  • Crowned, at the vaccination center
  • Curridabat, at the UACA
  • The Guarco, in Paseo Metrópoli
  • Escazú, in Multiplaza
  • Saint Ana, in Terrazas Lindora
  • Zapote-Cathedral, at the Social Development Center (in front of the Carlos Durán clinic)

Central Pacific:

  • Chacarita, in the health area
  • Scatter, in the health area
  • Mountains of Gold, in the health area
  • Quepos, at the Korea School
  • Chomes – Monteverde, Monteverde Centro Comercial and Chomes in the vaccination center of the headquarters
  • Orotina – San Mateo, in Jesús Maria (Church source of love) and in San Mateo (Multipurpose room)


  • Jicaral – Islands, in the health area
  • Bagaces, in the health area
  • White hair, at the ATAP office – vaccination
  • Upala, in the Ebais and house to house
  • Hospital La Anexión, in outpatient clinics 12 and 13
  • Upala Hospital, in external consultation

Huetar North

  • Aguas Zarcas, at the Aguas Zarcas Clinic
  • Florence, at the Plaza Florencia Shopping Center
  • Guatuso, at the Guatuso Clinic
  • The Fortune, in the health area
  • The chiles, at the Ebais El Parque
  • Pital, at Pitla Clinic
  • Santa Rosa, in the Santa Rosa Clinic and parish kitchen.

The vaccination centers are subject to logistics and external conditions, for which the population that wants to be vaccinated is asked that, before attending check if these centers continue to function normally.

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