They arrest 3 fishermen who transported more than 900 kilos of coca

( National Coast Guard Service personnel detained Three men were arrested for transporting more than 900 kilos of cocaine that apparently came from Colombia in an artisanal fishing boat.

The Ministry of Public Security reported that compliance took place in the province of Limón, 50 nautical miles from the central Caribbean canton.

According to the report, the suspects respond to the surnames Ayesta García and López Muñiz, both of Costa Rican origin, and Mairena Romero of Nicaraguan nationality.

The 900 packages of cocaine were hidden in 37 nylon bags that they were transported in the boat, which presumably came out to bump into the drugs.

After the inspection, with the collaboration of the Drug Control Police (PCD), the authorities transferred the individuals to the ground to place them under the orders of the Public Ministry.

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