They denounce an apparent violation of labor rights in the construction of a Turrialba hospital

Cartago, Jul 21 ( – The communal leader of Turrialba and candidate for deputy Carlos Hidalgo Flores, along with two councilmen from the New Generation Party (PNG) and construction workers from the Turrialba hospital presented virtually to the Ministry of Labor and of Health denounces of apparent facts that would be violating labor rights.

According to the complaint, it is assumed that there are workers who were fired and were not paid; others are treated badly, they do not pay insurance, there is overcrowding in the potholes; they charge them for the implements to work; among other facts; of which in all cases there are apparently elements of evidence such as testimonies and photographs.

The workers closed the passage Tuesday afternoon on the outskirts of the construction and only ask for a solution out of dignity.

Likewise, according to the letter, there is annoyance because long ago and at the request of Hidalgo Flores, the Vanderlatt construction company had promised to give priority to Turrialbeña workforce and at present, apparently, what there is most is foreign workforce, despite the fact that the canton is one of the highest with unemployment and has the poorest district in the country: Chirripó.

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