They question the Government for not using $ 32 million for Limón

The head of the PRN, Eduardo Cruickshank, lamented the government’s lack of execution capacity. (File / CRH).

( -The head of the parliamentary fraction of the National Restoration Party (PRN), Eduardo Cruickshank, denounced that the Government still does not use a fund of $ 32 million in development projects for Lemon, despite the needs of the province.

The resources come from the fee you pay APM Terminals to the Board of Port Administration and Economic Development of the Atlantic Slope (Japdeva).

“It has not been spent a single colon canon resources What kind of inefficiency!Cruickshank lamented.

The deputy criticized that, when they are missing nine months for this administration to end, the Executive power have not had the capacity to execute a single large project or one of small impact in a province with so many needs.

“You don’t have to think much to know what to invest in those resources that are destined to the forgotten Costa Rica ”, he expressed.

Cruickshank recalled that unemployment in the province exceeds 30% and requested that the resources be used in socioeconomic development projects of the Atlantic slope.

“Possibly, if this legislative Assembly would not have approved the law that prevents these resources from being used outside the Atlantic slope, the temptation I would have already entered many ”, he concluded.

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