They rescue a man who resisted a bear that attacked him for a week

They rescue a man from a bear attack

(AFP) .-A man who held out for a week Whole the attacks by a brown bear in Alaska recovers from its injuries after being found in a camp, the United States Coast Guard said.

The helicopter crew who was doing a routine flight over the Alaskan coast they saw the SOS sign written on the roof of a cabin last Friday, the guard said in a note. When they returned to inspect the message, the crew they saw a man raising his hands in the air.

This gesture is “considered internationally as a signal for help,” the statement said.

“The crew members landed and made contact with the individual who required medical assistance after being attacked by a bear a few days before ”, it is added.

The victim suffered a leg injury and bruises to the torso. He told the authorities that for a week he was harassed by the bear that he returned to his camp every night.

The man was taken to the nearby town of None to be treated for his injuries.

They rescue a man from a bear attack

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