Three municipalities already have permanent waste tire recovery centers

San José, Jul 26 ( – Fundellantas announced that three municipalities have permanent waste tire reception centers, which make it easier for these waste to receive sanitary treatment and not become potential environmental and public health hazards.

These are the municipalities of San José, Alajuelita and La Unión, which, in coordination with Fundellantas, have decided not to wait for special tire recovery campaigns, but have enabled the option of receiving them, within the established hours.

“Through this articulation of public and private efforts, we provide alternatives for citizens to be an active part in management, promoting social co-responsibility that requires the joint, coordinated and differentiated participation of all. We hope that other local governments will join this initiative ”, said Elsie Álvarez, executive director of Fundellantas.

In the case of Alajuelita and San José, Fundellantas provided a container to each of the municipalities of 20´ ST with dimensions of 2.60 m. height, 2.44 m. width and 6 m. long, in which they can place the used tires, then the foundation will be in charge of transporting them and giving them a management of high environmental impact and for public health in alliance with the Cemex company.

This company uses this waste as an alternative fuel to generate energy in the kiln for the production of cement, reducing the use of other fossil fuels and thus contributing to the country’s decarbonization plan.

On the other hand, Johanna Ávila, environmental manager of the Municipality of Alajuelita indicated: “as part of the municipal campaign“ Because I want Alajuelita, I want it clean ”, an alliance with FUNDELLANTAS was achieved. Thanks to the effort of this campaign, it is possible to collect tires both in settings, as well as people come to deposit them in the container. With this campaign what we are looking for is that one of the most polluting materials in our lots, rivers, streams and sewers is recovered and does not cause pollution and flooding problems ”.

Emperatriz Ordeñana, head of Environmental Services of the Municipality of San José commented that this is an excellent opportunity for citizens to deposit tires in poor condition, thereby preventing them from staying in the houses, interfering or worse, in the courtyards of the houses, becoming breeding sites for the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, Dengue, as well as Chicungunya. For this reason, he urged citizens to use the containers.

The municipality of La Unión is the most recent to enable the permanent recovery of tires, José Ricardo Laurent, environmental coordinator of this local government said that: “joining this public-private initiative is one of the projects that we had in our portfolio and has managed to specify. Tire management can mean an additional expense for municipalities, a situation that is aggravated by the recent health and economic crisis generated by COVID19, however, through this alliance, generators are provided as directly responsible, an easy option and economic that guarantees the adequate management of the waste, in this case, the tires. This week we have started with the collection of tires, achieving the management of around 122 tires, which will have an adequate treatment ”.

Fundellantas invites all local governments to enable the receipt of waste tires on a regular basis in their cantons and contact the foundation to coordinate their sanitary disposal. In addition, it promotes free training: “Environmental Protection and Efficient Driving” given by the Riteve company.

Those interested can write an email to: [email protected]

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