Tica surfer says goodbye among the 8 best of the Olympics

(CRHoy.com) Under very complex surf conditions, national surfer Brisa Hennessy was unable to advance to the semifinals of the Olympic Games.

On Monday night, the Tica tried everything, but despite the efforts he made on Tsurigasaki beach, it was not enough.

The 19-year-old American Caroline Marks was measured, who found two very good waves to finish in the first position.

1. Caroline Marks – 12.50
2. Hennessy Breeze – 6.83

The conditions were so complex, that contrary to the two previous days, there were very few waves that the Costa Rican could take.

In the end Brisa finished with a 6.83, while Marks left the victory against Tica with a score of 12.50.

With this result, Brisa is eliminated and says goodbye to Tokyo among the 8 best surfers of the Olympic Games.

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