Tons of Plastic Floating in the Sea Was Discovered In the Caribbean

Images captured last year off the Honduran island of Roatan by photographer Caroline Power show the shocking fact that plastic is wreaking havoc on our planet. In the past few years, the image of this idyllic island has been ruined by a “sea of plastic.” Once, the waters were clear and blue. Now, they are totally congested and filled with contamination.

A diving team passed through the floating trash for five miles. In one area, the “sea of plastic” was two miles wide. Some of the stuff found include broken footballs, soda bottles, toothbrushes, an even abandoned television, and shoes.

Unsustainable behavior

The country of Honduras is not solely to blame for the sea of plastic near its shores. Pointing out that the average person in every country, worldwide, lives unsustainable and throws out goods which might be reused, sold, recycled, or refurbished. It’s a mindset that needs to change, so consumers re-think their habits.

The activist’s primary objective is to raise awareness about the world’s polluted oceans. The Roatan Marine Park is the local non-profit organization that runs numerous conservation programs including an antiplastic campaign and environmental education programs. Activists encourages people to donate for local non-profit organizations that combat plastic pollution and fight to protect marine life.

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