Valladares supports mayors’ request to extend commercial premises opening hours to 11pm

San José, Jul 20 ( – The liberationist deputy Paola Valladares announced that she supports the request of the mayors of the National Union of Local Governments (UNGL) to extend the opening hours of commercial premises.

This Monday the mayor of San José and president of the UNGL, Johnny Araya Monge, sent a letter to the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, requesting the extension of the opening hours of business premises. The letter responds to the request of mayors of different cantons, with the support of the UNGL Board of Directors, regarding the urgent need to modify the emergency treatment measures, especially the closing hours of establishments with sanitary permits. of customer service operation.

Given this, Valladares pointed out that he supports “the proposal made by the National Union of Local Governments (UNGL) on behalf of the country’s municipalities, to the President of the Republic Carlos Alvarado, requesting that the opening hours of commercial premises be extended at the national level from 5:00 am to 11pm ».

In addition, the legislator stressed that “the commercial sector has been greatly affected by the measures adopted to contain the pandemic and requires support at this time to avoid more business closures and small businesses.”

“For this reason, I hope that the executive will listen to this request in the absence of proposals to reactivate the economy,” he concluded.



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