Villalta points out the essence of “communism a la tica” with the declaration of worthies of the homeland

San José, Jul 22 ( – The deputy of the Frente Amplio, José María Villalta, pointed out the essence of “communism a la tica” in the declaration of worthies of the homeland.

The legislator highlighted that «Luisa González, Emilia Prieto and Virginia Grüter, today the first two declared Beneméritas de la Patria and the third Beneméritas de las Artes Patrias by this Legislative Assembly, have in common their status as recognized intellectuals and their outstanding political militancy in the Communist Party of Costa Rica ».

For the broad front «the essence of” communism a la tica “is recognized with these declarations, because like the founder and leader of this political movement, Manuel Mora Valverde, or the renowned writer Carmen Lyra, they maintained a loyalty to the country that saw them being born, while also being firm in their anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist convictions, in the world of the last century in which they lived ».

«I also greet the Benemeritazgo agreements that have been approved of prominent women in national history such as Pacifica Fernández Oreamuno, María Teresa Obregón Zamora, Mireya Barboza Mesén, Ana Rosa Chacón González, Anna Gabriela Ross González, Manuela Tattenbach Iglesias, Olga Espinach Fernández and Adelaida Chaverri Polini, “he added.

“I hope that the illustrious lives of all these women, to whom today we pay just homage in this Legislative Assembly, will be preserved in the memory of the new generations. We thus began to settle the historical debt with the declaration of deserved benefactions for prominent Costa Rican women, “he concluded.



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