Violent Games: 8 Suggestions for a Safer Interaction Between Children ⋆ The Costa Rica News

Violence surrounds the life of everyone and everywhere. In the case of children, they are surrounded by violent fables, toys and games. It is not in the nature of a child to play kill or hit. Some children accept violence as a way to handle problems.

Studies have also shown that the more realistic and repeated the exposure to violence, the greater the impact on children. Let’s work from love, respect and empathy. Use phrases such as: hitting or yelling is not allowed in your house.


  • Modeling (no yelling, no hitting at home). No hitting or fighting games. Always using phrases like violence will NEVER be the solution.
  • Offer alternatives (options). You can play this or that (not impose), within the options there will be no violent programs or video games. Replace.
  • Using routines is essential. Avoid scolding, model, accompany and guide.
  • Instead of prohibiting, use resources like: This if you can do it (instead of mentioning what they can’t do), it is much more challenging for children.
  • Make together some material that promotes peace and respect at home and in the classroom (peace table).
  • Establish clear rules about the content of games and the time they can spend playing them, either inside or outside the home
  • It is important for children to play sports frequently (channel energy).
  • Dialogue will always be the solution. Firm and friendly, establish clear rules.
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