Virtual Exhibition Highlights Cultural Wealth Of Latin America And The Caribbean ⋆ The Costa Rica News

Climate change, gender equality and the economic recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean are the themes covered by the first virtual exhibition of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB): “Legacy”.

Through their works, 17 artists from 12 countries highlighted in the artistic exhibition the diversity and cultural richness of the region, as well as that art is a powerful tool for social transformation.

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“Thanks to a renewed acquisitions policy that focuses on emerging talent, with a focus on women, diversity and inclusion, we are able to present works that reflect the stories of artists of indigenous and African descent. The collection has increased the representation of female creators from 13% to 21% in the last 5 years,” explained Trinidad Zaldívar, head of the IDB’s Creativity and Culture Unit.

Spectators will be able to visit the IDB Cultural Center

For this exhibition, the IDB Cultural Center was virtually recreated, with which it is estimated that the creativity and talent of the artists will reach new audiences who wish to visit the center for free to see the new sample through this link.

Among the emerging artists who contributed their works to this new collection are: Paulette Franceríes from Nicaragua, Darwin Fuentes from Ecuador, Mercedes De Haay from Venezuela, Mayara Nardo from Brazil and Lyann Leguisamo from Costa Rica.

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