“We made all possible mistakes to lose”

San José, July 28 (elmundo.cr). – Geiner Segura and his Carthaginians were beaten against Municipal Grecia.

The rival gave them four goals and the coach took the microphone without any excuse. He made it clear that his team did everything not to win and that the rival was superior.

– What explanation do you give for this result? Did not having reinforcements affect you?

– We have a roster of more than 25 players, whenever we make a plan, they all work on it. So, we must not come to make excuses, because we knew about the reinforcements since Tuesday. We made an operational plan for this match with Greece, everyone was clear and we didn’t.

“Greece took advantage of many factors that we failed to do, they did what they had to do and I think we didn’t have the right attitude, especially in the first 45 minutes. They know me, the responsibility is mine, it is the first game and we are going to evaluate, because nothing is satisfied.

“You can make mistakes, but you have to get up and fight, this is what bothers me the most. It can be lost in many ways, but not by giving away 45 minutes ”.

– Why was the team so far removed from the game idea that it has implemented?

– Greece took advantage of many things that we stopped doing. Also, we made every possible mistake to lose, we really did everything to lose. I rescued some attitude in the second half, but we were already 3-0 and they scored another goal very easily. When these things happen, one cannot look for excuses. You just have to see that Cartaginés made many mistakes, we did not enter with a good attitude and there is the result.

– What impression did you get from the administrative situation that prevented you from having reinforcements?

– These are things that happen, but there are no excuses for this. If you check the line-up that I put in, it’s a good 11. Now comes the analysis, but I don’t make excuses, we technicians must accept when our team doesn’t play well and that’s how it was. Many things happened that had not been happening in the preseason and that is what I must evaluate.

“I apologize to the fans, because we were all wrong and we are responsible, the first one. Now we are going to try to solve it as quickly as possible ”.

– How is the team at the level of the legs, are they at 100% or does it arrive hard?

– This is a myth. We work to get 100 points from the first game and you can’t say that we are tough or things like that. For that we made the necessary blanks, so that the team started with a competitive level. A very professional job was done to get in well from the first game, that’s why I say that it is not a matter of legs, or anything like that.



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