We must guarantee resources to these athletes who make us proud in the Olympic Games

San José, Jul 26 (elmundo.cr) – The deputy and fraction leader of the National Liberation Party, María José Corrales, stressed that «deporte is not only football and high performance does not compete only every 4 years ».

Corrales stressed that it is important to have a national fund for high performance athletes » as proposed in file 21,745, Authorization Law for Advertising and Sponsorship of Beverages with Alcoholic Content in Sports and Creation of the National Fund for High Performance Sports.

«We must guarantee resources to these athletes who make us proud in the Olympic Games, “he added.

The deputy concluded by explaining that the resources would come “from allowing the sponsorship of liquors in national sport.”

About the project

File 21,745, Authorization Law for Advertising and Sponsorship of Beverages with Alcoholic Content in Sports and Creation of the National Fund for High Performance Sports seeks to reform Article 12 of Law No. 9047, of June 25, 2012, Law of Regulation and Marketing of Beverages with Alcoholic Content, and read as follows:

Article 12- Commercial advertising

The Ministry of Health will be in charge of the regulation and control of all types of commercial advertising related to the commercialization of beverages with alcoholic content, carried out by any means of communication free of charge or by payment. All control will be carried out prior to the disclosure of the advertising.

Sports sponsorship by companies producing, marketers or distributors of alcoholic beverages is allowed to any organization, entity or person dedicated to the practice of sport.

This sponsorship may be used in the brands or names of beverages with alcoholic content, in advertising related to sports, as well as on billboards in stadiums and gyms, labeling of uniforms, means of transport used for competitions and sporting goods for all teams. , association, federation and sports league. Likewise, you can sponsor all kinds of activities, recreational or cultural sports.

The use of brands or names of beverages with alcoholic content in advertising, labeling of uniforms and sports, recreational or cultural activities aimed at minors will be prohibited.

In addition, it seeks to create the National Fund for the Financing of High Performance Sports as an instrument of administration of the resources destined to finance high performance athletes.

The National Olympic Committee will be in charge of the administration of the Fund’s resources and said administration shall be done in accordance with this law, the policies and support strategy established by the State.

The Fund will be financed with resources from the following sources:

  • Transfers and donations that public or private institutions make in favor of the Fund.
  • A special contribution that will fall on the resources paid for advertising, propaganda or sponsorship services in activities, events, sporting goods of the natural or legal persons that produce, market or distribute beverages with alcoholic content.

The resources of the Fund will be used exclusively for the acquisition, contracting of goods and services destined to the construction of infrastructure and equipment of sports buildings, as well as the contracting of goods and services, equipment and logistics of the athletes who participate in the Olympic cycle. .

Likewise, the administration of the resources of the Fund shall be subject to the supervision of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, without prejudice to the internal control mechanisms that are legally and regulatory provisions.

While the National Treasury will be obliged to deposit the monies collected in a separate account in the name of the National Olympic Committee and within fifteen calendar days of the month following its entry into said account according to the disbursement schedule established together with the Committee. The collection of this contribution will not have a destination other than the financing of the programs that constitute the reason for being and may not be used for administrative expenses of any kind.

Likewise, a special contribution of five percent (5%) is established on the income from sporting activities and events, sporting articles and implements, of any nature, where propaganda, advertising and sponsorship of brands, badges, emblems or names of beverages with alcoholic content, regardless of the medium used, whether this is through digital or printed formats on labels, notices, billboards, prints or similar whose purpose is to make propaganda, publicity or commercial sponsorship or to draw attention to a product with alcoholic content, will be taxed with this special tax.



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