Why are Guanacastecos upset with Carlos Alvarado?

(CRHoy.com) .- A group of Nicoyans signed a public manifesto in which the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, was asked to do not visit Guanacaste to celebrate 197 years of Annexation, this July 25.

His request is based on the claims that the attitude that Alvarado assumed two years ago in Nicoya still provokes, when he closed his speech, regarding the Annexation celebrations, with shouts, warnings and gestures who challenged a group of protesters who demanded him for his government’s agenda.

But the demands go further. Mileyde Alvarado, deputy representing Guanacaste for the National Restoration Party (PRN), affirmed that one of the main reproaches that the province makes to Alvarado has to do with the high unemployment rates.

There are few signs of economic recovery. Guanacaste, for the most part, lives off tourism and has been affected by this pandemic. Bad efforts have not lifted that sector and have caused closures and great unemployment ”, the congresswoman listed.

Alvarado said that the government has also failed the province by not being able to put together a strategic plan so that other sectors can produce again so as not to disappear.

Our children have also been affected by the mismanagement and negligence of the Ministry of Education. We have very affected schools, which are not worthy for our children to receive lessons. It is important that the Government look at our childhood, since it is the future of Costa Rica, ”the parliamentarian complained.

His countryman, Luis Antonio Aiza, deputy of the National Liberation Party (PLN), added that living conditions in Guanacaste are unsustainable, which makes the people very angry with the entire governmental apparatus.

Like Deputy Alvarado, the Verdiblanco affirmed that work does not exist in his province and that this unnerves families, in need of sources of income.

There is no where to get food. I think that is what is affecting the credibility of the president by going there. And also the whole problem of insecurity that exists ”, he commented.

The case “Cochineal”, according to Aiza, and the alleged collection of bribes by public employees from construction businessmen also hits the government’s image and weakens, at the same time, that of President Alvarado.

On tour

However, the Presidential House ignores the warnings. The first to appear in the province of Guanacaste, this Wednesday, was Claudia Doubles, the first lady, who, according to the agenda shared by the Presidency, makes tours of several cantons of the province to inspect the progress of some public infrastructure projects. Dobles coordinates the territorial dialogue in Guanacaste.

During the morning of this Wednesday no demonstrations or protests were reported during the visits made by the first lady.

Last year there were no public displays of repudiation of the Government, as the municipal authorities and the Presidential House held the Government Council in Nicoya behind closed doors, due to the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And this year it will be the same due to the threat posed by the Delta variant of the new coronavirus, present in the country for a month, according to the Ministry of Health.

The Municipality of Nicoya announced on its social networks that this July 25 at 8:30 am the commemorative Civic Act will be held at the Annexation Monument.

At 10:00 am the Solemn Session of the Municipal Council will take place.

The Presidency of the Republic, meanwhile, has not revealed President Carlos Alvarado’s agenda for the rest of the week.

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