Why didn’t Cali Muñoz make his Olympic dream come true? CON defends itself against criticism

(CRHoy.com) In the midst of the failed trip of the national surfer Carlos “Cali” Muñoz to Tokyo, part of the criticism has been directed against the National Olympic Committee (CON), which they blame for not doing what is necessary to make the dream come true. surfer.

However, the NOC has not stood idly by and they have explained in detail everything that happened from the moment they were warned that “Cali” could say present at the Olympic Games.

They even reveal that they bought some plane tickets and always made it clear that the arrival date would be July 26 and not before, since there was no way for this to happen due to the itinerary and connections that had to be made.

“After reviewing possible flight schedules, the NOC informs the Federation that the earliest Carlos Muñoz could arrive in Tokyo is on July 26 in the afternoon and that the competition would be on July 25.

In this situation, the Federation informs the NOC that the athlete may not appear for the first heat since it is not eliminatory and indicates that there may be a delay in the programming since there is a waiting period that is granted in surfing competitions in situations adverse weather conditions such as the typhoon that was expected in Tokyo and the low waves that were taking place ”.

Once these arguments are known and in view of the latent risk, the decision is made that Muñoz finally pack suitcases and travel to the other side of the world.

Two different tickets

The first difference that occurs between the parties, in the purchase of flights, since while the NOC acquired some, the Surf Federation did the same for a route that in theory would be faster.

“The NOC warns that one hour of transit in Los Angeles is not enough to make the transfer, even so the Federation decides to send it by that route and effectively misses the connecting flight.”

Letter with special permission

Given the delay, the Federation begins to move and request a letter so that Round 2 of the Surf event is passed the date so Carlos can be in Tokyo on time.

However, despite the attempts this did not happen and the Heat completed without problems, leaving Cali without the possibility of becoming an Olympian.

“At 12:36 pm (Tokyo time) on July 25, the President of the NOC sends the letter CON-CRC-511-2021 requesting the International Surf Federation to postpone the heat of the athlete Carlos Muñoz.

The NOC receives no response, as it was never a real possibility that the organization postponed the scheduling of an Olympic event by an athlete. At 12:45 pm (Tokyo time), the Costa Rican Surf Federation sends the NOC an email requesting the remission of the note to postpone the heat of Carlos Muñoz, a situation that the NOC had already done 9 minutes before, which It categorically denies that the NOC did not send the signed letter ”.

In the end, between emails, requests, airplanes, delayed flights and airports, “Cali” Muñoz and company did their best to be present in Tokyo in 24 hours, something that in the end did not happen.

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