With the approval of the credit with the IMF, we are communicating to the world that Costa Rica is doing the job, says Guido

San José, Jul 20 (elmundo.cr) – The deputy of the Citizen Action Party, Laura Guido, asserted that with the approval of the credit with the IMF “we are communicating to the world that Costa Rica is doing the task.”

Guido stressed that “the fraction has made progress today, together with the Legislative Assembly as a whole, in approving the loan with the IMF, this time in addition to the savings that we will have in terms of interest when exchanging expensive debt for cheap debt that it will generate by the year 39 millions of dollars in savings in terms of interest over 4 years ”.

Costa Rica “is tidying up the house and has the disposition that makes it reliable and with that confidence we can also seek that the world and international financiers bring loans that also continue to deepen this effort that is being made to spend less on interest,” he stressed .

He also added that “it is not to borrow more, it is so that what the country spends today for each and every one of us costs us less in terms of interest.”

For Guido «this action that we have taken today is one more action on a path that we have followed since day one, that of responsibility and from there what we have been defending with all these first small acts, great acts, all decisions that we have had to take in this matter is a social state that works and has the possibility of financing itself in the best conditions, but also the stability to continue providing the services that are essential to people.

“With that logic and with that conviction, this step has been a fundamental step that has been achieved thanks to the efforts of the Executive Power, the joint work of this fraction and also the work and the final decision that the Legislative Assembly has taken today.” concluded.



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